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Hello, Swiftie Fam!

Welcome to The Swiftie Sessions home base. Here you will be able to find all the latest news, upcoming trips, free events, fun activities, and features on small fan-owned businesses.

We've just begun this journey so check back, often. We have big plans to bring you all together over the next few years.

Thanks for being here!




“You and me could be a big conversation!”


It all started on TikTok. We made a casual video about connecting with other Taylor Swift fans and the web went mad for the idea! It was evident in the reactions that there were so many Swifties looking for friends who share their interests. With years of experience hosting community events, it seemed natural to step in and create experiences that could enable such connections both online and in-person.


In 2021, you can officially join us for The Swiftie Sessions - themed affairs centered around travel, socializing, photo shoots, entertainment, and sharing a mutual love for Tay! Events will vary by location and concept, ensuring opportunities never go out of style. Our mission is to bring the fandom closer together so that there is #neveranotherlonelyswiftie. Even if it’s only one dance party at a time!


Learn more about Ashton + Jess here.

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with a good time. 

Let us take care of the good time! We’ve planned everything from your stay and meals to events and photo shoots. For everything else? See our epic packing list!

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