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Day One

Arrive, unpack, greet new friends, open your gifts, join us for dinner, and participate in a "Cardigan Co-op" icebreaker game.

Day Four

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Fearless era, free time, "Paint Your Problems" activity, lunch, Fearless era photo shoot, dinner, and bracelet making/swapping party.

Day Seven

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: 1989, free time, lunch, "Polaroid of Us" challenge, 1989 era photo shoot, dinner, and a viewing of the 1989 World Tour.

Day Ten

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Lover era, free time, Tie Dye activity, lunch, Lover era photo shoot, dinner, and a TS trivia night.

Day Thirteen

Pajama packing party, brunch, a big surprise, and send-off hugs for everyone as we scream "long live all the magic we made."

Day Two

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: trip tips, free time, lunch, Miss Americana viewing, Eras style red carpet fun, Eras cookout, and a "Stupid Games" night.

Day Five

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Speak Now era, free time, lunch, enjoy the 13 hand painting station, Speak Now era photo shoot, dinner, and "Sing Now" karaoke.

Day Eight

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: YNTCD, free time, meditation, lunch, spa goodie station, dinner, and Valentine's Day movie night.

Day Eleven

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Folklore era, free time, a game of "Finish That Tune," lunch, Folklore era photo shoot, dinner, and a viewing of The Long Pond Sessions.

Day Three

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Debut era, free time, lunch, debut era photo shoot, dinner, and a game of "Telephone" with cocktails.

Day Six

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: RED era, free time, "Hall of Exes" activity, lunch, RED era photo shoot, dinner, and a TS inspired "Easter egg Hunt."

Day Nine

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Reputation era, free time, "Spill the Tea" activity, lunch, Reputation era photo shoot, dinner, and a dance party viewing of Reputation Stadium Tour.

Day Twelve

Breakfast, Morning Mingle: Evermore era, free time, lunch, Evermore era photo shoot, and a glam dinner party under the stars with acoustic TS hits.


Daily Breakdown

Please note that the day to day itinerary is subject to change. This is a tentative schedule of intentions, but may vary.


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