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What about international Swifties?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, travel is limited and must be done carefully. When borders open, registration for our beloved international Swifties will be made available. We have big overseas goals as well!


Who is the event for?

Any and all Swifties! If you are a fan-original or new... young or old… die hard or casual, there is a place for you to sit with us. After all, “we all got crowns!”


Is there an age limit?

Age restrictions vary by event. Most are 18+.


Will there always be an age limit?

No! We are planning trips for our younger Swifties. As things change with the pandemic, we expect to offer more accessible events.


How many people will attend?

There are 13 spaces available for each event.


If an event fills up, how soon will you launch another?

We are always planning multiple trips to ensure there are new chances to travel popping up!


How do I sign up?

You can visit the events page to register. Find details and links to RSVP here on the website. Sign up is available directly through our website and attendees will be taken on a first to sign up, first-in basis.

What are The Swiftie Sessions? 

The Swiftie Sessions is a group traveling experience centered around a common love for Taylor Swift and her music. Each trip will have a special theme, location, photo opportunities, and activities to compliment the event.

When is the next event?

Check out upcoming illicit affairs on via EVENTS.

Where are the events held?

Locations vary, and can be found on our events page. At this time we are limiting attendance to those within the United States. 

What about COVID-19?

Your health is our first priority. Events during a pandemic are tricky, so we’re planning an isolated, intimate gathering. Those who attend will be required to show proof of vaccination or negative testing paired with a two week quarantine before arrival.


Is there a payment plan?

Yep! The first payment, 25%, is due to snag your spot! The remaining balance will be split into three additional equal payments.

Is this event handicap accessible?

Yes! We always choose a space with lots of room and access for special needs.

What are the sleeping situations?

Each attendee has their very own bed and will share a room and bathroom with two other Swifties.

Will dietary restrictions/allergies be considered?


We will survey each attendee to ensure that medical restrictions and allergies are kept at the forefront of our menu. We will always try to accommodate everyone as best we can.

Is smoking permissible?

Smoking is allowed so long as it is done outside in one of the designated areas, away from the house and other non-smoking guests.

What are the shoots going to be like?

EPIC! There are many themes and aesthetics to explore when it comes to Taylor Swift. Each event will explore different eras, styling, and schemes. With set design by Jess Albins Events and photography sessions with Ashton Kelley Photography, you are in the hands of seasoned Swiftie professionals. Your social media friends are already drooling… promise!


I struggle in front of the camera. Is that ok?

Of course! One of the best parts of this experience is having experts on site who can help get you comfortable and confident in front of the camera. By the end of the trip-you’re going to be brimming with new posing knowledge.


I am also a photographer, can I bring my camera?

Attendees are encouraged to bring their gear. There will be plenty of time to stage amazing content. Please note that all of the era and party specific sets will be closed to Ashton, only. This allows creative freedom as well as ensures the privacy of the subject being photographed.


What do I bring?

We plan to send out a compiled list of everything you need and a few things you may want! This will include items for the day to day as well as style guides to help you pick the perfect outfit for each photoshoot.


What if I forget something important?

We have a “oh crap!” basket on site with commonly forgotten items, and we will have access to local shops in an emergency. There will also be a Swiftie Share Rack at each shoot!


What is the “Swiftie Share Rack?”

Glad you asked! The SSR is a collection of clothing, props, and other styling items that you might want to use during your photoshoot. Varying in size and styles, this will help all attendees to amplify their look-should they choose. We will be thrifting until the event to ensure variety and size inclusivity.


What amenities does the house have?

  • Individual bed

  • Catered meals

  • Customized gifts

  • Activity supplies

  • Multiple selfie station backdrops

  • Ring lights/ phone stands

  • Pool

  • Hot tub

  • Acres of private, wooded land

  • Multiple gathering/ recreation rooms

  • Wifi

  • Extra fridge for snacks

  • Themed adult beverages

  • Coffee station

  • Multiple washer + dryers

  • Laundry cleaning supplies

  • Outdoor fireplace

  • Large furnished deck and patio

  • First aid kit

  • Sewing kit

  • Swiftie Share Rack

  • Fresh bedding and linens

  • Bath towels provided

  • Bathroom toiletries (toilet paper, hand soap, etc.)


Can I invite a friend?

We would LOVE for you to invite a friend to sign up with you! Never another lonely swiftie!


What is the actual cost per person?

Costs will vary based on the length and content of each trip, but will include taxes and service fees. Given our experience with events and our amazing partnerships with other Swifties, we are able to offer most experiences at nearly half off the full value! Your Tay-cation will cover all of your needs from lodging to food as well as entertainment. Remember, this is an all inclusive experience!


How much is due at sign up?

Attendees currently have the option to pay in four installments. Each payment will be 25% of the balance. The first payment will secure your spot at the requested event.


What happens after I sign up?

Once you sign up, you’ll be included in a private community that allows you to meet everyone else who is attending. We will get to know one another leading up to the event as well as providing resources for packing, planning, and arriving effortlessly.


I can’t make this event. Will there be more?

Yes! We are planning multiple events. While we do so one at a time, we have big plans for the future. The best way to find out about upcoming events is to subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on TikTok.

Is there a penalty for late fees?

A penalty fee of $25 per day will be applied to balances not paid on time. With events, we have many contracts in play with due dates of our own. Prompt payments are expected and penalty fees will be enforced.


What happens if someone fails to pay?

Failure to pay without notice after 14 days will result in automatic termination of contract. This would release a seat back to the public without refund. 

Can you tell me the details about cancellation?

Due to the limited capacity of this event and investment per person that must be made in advance, payments are non-refundable. In the event you are unable to attend, but have paid in full-all physical articles provided to each guest will be mailed to you directly.



Are spots transferable?

Spots may be transferable on a case to case basis. We

will work personally with each attendee to ensure the

best outcome, and will remain open to transfers as long as all parties can agree to new terms listed in a new contract.


I have more questions. Is there a way to reach out?

Yes! Feel free to email at Ashton or Jess will respond within 24 hours. We welcome any questions or inquiries and look forward to helping you get to the next round of The Swiftie Sessions.

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